Knit Unto Others Mittens

Each Christmas at our church one of the younger Sundays school classes sponors a sock and mitten tree. Socks and -- you guessed it -- mittens get hung on the tree to be donated to the local food and clothing pantry. I bought some of those "one size stretches to fit all" gloves at Target to hang on the tree, but decided to knit some mittens. On the left is a pineapple mitten -- very hard to knit. Not a difficult pattern, but physically hard to do -- every fourth row was full of Knit three together. I've finished one mitten. The mitten on the left is actually a rich eggplant purple, not blue. It is the "pumpkin pattern" on the same pattern sheet with no leaves, so tha it really just looks like a mitten with a rolled cuff. I finished the first one today (except for the strings which need woven in). It was a much faster knit. Posted by Picasa

Knit Unto Others

I've joined a new Knit along. This one is a short term (ended November 30) KAL designed to motivate us to knit for charity. It is called Knit Unto Others.

Our church has an annual Sock and Mitten tree -- bare tree decorated with mittens and socks which are then donated to our local food and clothing pantry. I'm knitting mittens for the tree.

The pattern I've started with is from Fiber Trends. The pattern sheet is Mitten Mania, and I'm doing the Pineapple mittens. Check out the photo of the little girl on the pattern sheet. Notice anything strange? She has three hands. Very odd. Even the lady at the Knitting store commented on it.

I'm using Encore Plymouth yarn in a dark green and yellow. It is 25% wool, so the mittens will have some warm wool content and still be machine washable.

Jealousy Defined...

In my younger son's Sunday school class yesterday, the teacher was speaking to the students (ages 2nd through 5th grade) about jealousy. My son came up with the following: "It's like one of you friends owns all the stores in the world, and you only have one, and it's a knitting store."

Could it be that I've taken this poor child to too many yarn stores? Nah.

Second set of Gloves

Here is a photo of the second pair of gloves in progress. I'm working on two at once to avoid "second glove syndrome." I'm up to the fingers. When I finished the thumb on the second glove, I realized that I had made two left hand gloves. Luckily, the pattern is the same all around, so I just knit 3/4 of a round and converted the second glove to a right hand glove -- I hope. Posted by Picasa

More Gloves and a Walk

I've started on another pair of gloves -- this one is a Christmas present. I'm using the same pattern as the pair I just finished. The yarn is DK weight Plymouth Encore in a green and black combo. I've picture it earlier here. It's really hard to see in the photo -- the color, I mean -- but I'll try to get a photo of the gloves taken in daylight to add to the blog.

I just got back from a Walk to Emmaus. What a wonderful, grace-filled experience. My husband was my sponsor -- he went in April. Our community is located in Ashland, Kentucky. I highly recommend this experience.