Hard to be creative?

Have you noticed that during the pandemic, your normal urge to stretch and test your creativity is gone?  Or at least stunted?

I love to make cards, and yet, it took a month of pandemic to sit down and make a card.  The experience was joyful, and I wanted to make cards (even when I couldn't) but I didn't until that day.  Now, I'm making them, but not as often.  I miss it. 

I actually have two blogs, and while this one is lucky to see a post a month, I usually post about four times a week on the other one.  But from the middle of March until now, there is only a single post.

I hope I can settle into a new routine of posting and creating.  I'm working on it.  But if you are experiencing the same thing, I think we can both take comfort in the idea that this is a normal reaction to an abnormal time. 

Forest Green and Navy Tweed Scarf

I finished a scarf tonight.  The truth is, I should have finished it months ago - all that was left was the bind off.  I'm not sure why I didn't do the last row ages ago. but there you go.

Steve and I purchased the yarn at a store called Cast On Yarn Studio in Vermillion, Ohio.  We were taking a quick trip along Lake Erie in Ohio to look at lighthouses.  We turned the corner in Vermillion, and there was the store.  I hadn't even looked for one.

The yarn is from Cestari Sheep and Wool Company in Churchville, Virginia.  It is from their Traditional Collection, 100% Wool, Forest Green and Navy Tweed.  It is a worsted weight wool, but a little thicker than what I usually use as worsted weight.  I bought three skeins - you can read about the stash addition here.  I only used two of them for the scarf.

There is no pattern.  It is a 2x2 rib, 34 stitches wide.  It is over 5 feet long - taller than me, so maybe 5.5 feet?  I used Knitpicks needes, US number 8 - that is larger than usual, because of the thicker wool.
There are errors in the knitting.  I did some of it in movies theaters (back when we weren't avoiding a virus and went to movies.  I didn't always notice the errors and by the time I did, it was too late to fix them.

I'm sure with its squishy ribbing, and thick wool, it will be a very warm scarf next winter, made of my two favorite colors.

Christmas gift spread

This is a spread in my Bullet Journal from 2018 - I did a similar spread this year.  .  It is how I organize gift giving for Christmas. Each box or stocking is dedicated to one person (or a pair of people).  Names are written on the gift tags or on top of the stockings, As gifts are planned or purchased, they are added to that person's gift on the page

I could do exactly the same thing using a list, but I like creating this spread and filling it in.  Plus, I don't really know how many gifts each person will receive when I start, and that would be a drawback to a simple list.

Vermillion yarn

While we were traveling through Ohio, visiting Lake Erie Lighthouses, (see previous post), we walked through the town of Vermillion.  It was lovely - I recommend it.  As we turned the corner, we walked right up to a local yarn store.

It is the Cast On Yarn Studio, and you can read about it at this link.

I looked at lots of yarn there, and bought three skeins of Cestari Yarn.  It is a two-ply worsted weight in blue and green.  Each skein is 170 yards.

Go visit Vermillion.  Buy yarn and ice cream, visit the shore, and see the lighthouse.

Ohio Lighthouses

A  few weeks ago, Steve and I took a trip to Ohoi to look at Lake Erie Lighthouses. It was a great trip - here are the six we visited.  All photos except the first were taken with my Nikon 5100.  The first one is an iPhone 7 photo,

Fairport Harbor Lighthouse
Fairport Harbor West Breakwater Lighthouse

Lorain Lighthouse

Vermillion Lighthouse

Marblehead Lighthouse

Port Clinton Lighthouse

Seattle Scarf, Finished

This scarf is finished.  I started it on a trip to Alabama in February and I finished it on a trip back from Alabama in July.

Pattern:  Farrow Rib, done in a stripe pattern I designed.  See this post

Yarn: Marvelous Merino by Raven Frog Fibers, made in Sitka Alaska, but purchased in Seattle (So Much Yarn local yarn store).  It was one skein of blue and one of green.  The colors are Seattle Seahawks colors, dyed specifically for the store where I purchased it.'

Needles: Size US 6

Koigu Linen Stitch Scarf

I finished this scarf.  That is about all I can tell you about it.  I don't remember the yarn I used - Koigu, maybe? I don't remember the needle size.

As for the pattern, I learned it from the Koigu Linen Stitch scarf from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas.

I don't remember much about its knitting, but I know that I like it.  And that I should keep better records.