Finished and What Next?

The brother's scarves are finished. I really like the farrow rib pattern! It can be found at

I am now working on a vertically stripped scarf for my husband using cream, forest green and burgandy from Brown Sheep Co. -- Lamb's pride ( It's looking nice, except that the edges are rolling. He likes the thinness of stockinette stitch, but I added four rows of garter on the edge. At the joint between the two stitches, the scarf is folding over, so I have to figure out how to fix that problem.

I've been trying to decide what large project to start on next. I still need to finish the alpaca scarf (done in American alpaca yarn). I'm thinking of a clapotis using
Handpainted Yarn's merino wool in a bright blue called "azul bolita." I am also interested in a shawl using Irish wool from Black Water Abbey yarns -- the really nice dark green. I don't have a pattern in mind yet, but I ordered the book Folk Shawls this morning, so maybe that will give me an idea. I also ordered the S and B Nation book. I'll have fun waiting for the mail next week.

I would also like to learn more about blogging, so that I could add hyperlinks to the side bars and photos -- so that's another goal.

Works in Progress

I am currently working on:

  1. An afghan -- This was my first large project. I stopped it to work on scarves for Christmas. I look at it now -- about 2 feet long -- and see how my knitting has improved. I may move this to the frog pond; I'm not sure that I want to finish it because the many mistakes in the first two feet would bother me forever. Maybe I'll rip it out and start again.
  2. A scarf for me -- This one if from Vogue's Scarf book (small carry-along size book). It is a "basketweave" type scarf with squares of garter stitch and squares of stockingnette (spelling?). It is knit on the bias, so the edge is zig-zaggy. I'm doing it in a pretty blue alpaca from American Alpaca.
  3. The Brother's scarves -- As I mentioned before, each boy is getting a scarf. They are done in Farrow rib, which is knit knit purl knit knit purl each row. The result is a rib pattern with an intervening "column" of moss stitch. I like it!
  4. A square for felting -- I'm working on and off on a long swatch knitted from wool to try out felting.

My first scarf knit with Trendsetter Savvy yarn Posted by Hello

This is my first real project. I knitted it in June of 04 mainly in the car as we drove to Myrtle Beach. The yarn was purchased at the Stitch Niche in Lexington, KY. It was expensive, but I really enjoyed using it, and I have worn it endless times this winter. It is a plain garter stitch scarf, 12 stitches across, over 6 feet long.