Christmas Cards

I have done some knitting lately, but haven't posted about it.  I will, even though it will be late.  I like having all of the projects in one place.

In the meantime, I've been card making.  I decided that I wanted to see if I could make our Christmas cards this year.  I kept it fun by playing with supplies (it should be fun, shouldn't it!?), working on several different designs.  When the time came to replicate them, I just made 4-6 of each one. 

We needed about 60 cards, and I had great fun making them.  The designs are saved on Flickr.  For those who are interested, go take a look.  I apologize that they are scans, but I haven't brought my love of photography together yet with card making. 

Ten I Am Sentences

I enjoy the Carole Knits blog.  Each Tuesday she has a blog starter called 10 on Tuesday.  I rarely participate, but the one today caught my imagination, and since the knitting blog is back up and running, I thought I would give it a try.

Carole suggests that the blogger write 10 sentences that start with the words I am.
  • I am ... knitting two scarves, a pair of socks, and a shawl that may never get done.
  • I am ... tired.   It's after 10:00, and at that time of night, my eyes start to get heavy.
  • I am ... anxiously awaiting the movie Monument Men.  It looks like it will be good.
  • I am .. not ashamed to say that the movie Frozen is one of my favorites this season.  I just loved it, and I would love to see it again.
  • I am ... reading a book about team building and then will have to move to one that I need to read for church.  I would rather be reading a Nora Roberts book.
  • I am ... learning how to use Photoshop.  I just finished a book about Lightroom.  After I finish Photoshop, I'm moving on to Illustrator.  As you may be able to tell...
  • I am ... a new subscriber to Adobe Creative Cloud.  So fun to have access to all of these programs.
  • I am ... the owner of a new iPad Air, which I am loving.  I did own an iPad 2.
  • I am ... hoping to buy a Kindle Kindle Paperwhite, but the 3G version is backordered.
  • I am ... a tech geek, and I don't care who knows it.

Return to Blogging

It's January of 2014, and it has been 15 months since I posted last.  My poor knitting blog.  I really
like having it, and I enjoy looking back at it, but I don't seem to find the time to keep it updated.

So, we'll try again.  I have several projects to add and to update. I will probably backdate them, but don't be fooled; they were just added.

It's been cold here, although today is like a spring day.  It you don't like the weather, stick around a while.  It will change.  Today is in the 60s; we were at -3 earlier in the week.

So, on to knit blogging.

Jenny's Scarf

Earlier this year, in the summer, I knitted a scarf.  As I was planning Christmas gifts this month, I decided to give it to my sister-in-law, who is also a knitter.  I also gave her a couple of scarf knitting patterns, some Knitpicks needles and two skeins of yarn similar to what I knit the scarf with.  I also found a yarn bowl that I included in her gifts.

Jenny's scarf was knit as follows:

Yarn:  Cascade 220 Paints, in a blue / purple colorway (#9959) called Plumtastic.  I used two skeins. I purchased the yarn from WEBS - I'm not sure if it is available any longer or not.  Good color; I like it.

Needles:  US Size 7

Pattern:  I used the Yarn Harlot's one row scarf pattern that I like so well, 38 stitches across.

Polar Bears

How about a couple of polar bears?  I knit these just for the fun of it.

Yarn:  Merino Style DK bare from Knitpicks and Wool of the Andes in coal.  I think after knitting the two bears, I have enough yarn left to knit another cub.

Needles:  US 7 interchangeables and double pointed needles

Pattern:  Polly the Polar Bear and her cub by Nicole A Davis.  I bought it from Knitpicks.  I didn't make any changes to the pattern except to go down a needle size (I think).  The pattern is clear and easy to follow.

It is strange to knit all the pieces because apart from each other, they don't really look like a bear, but once you sew them together, it starts to look more like a bear.  It isn't necessary to do a great job wiht th esewing because the felting hides all.

Felting:  I felted the polar bears in the washing machine.  Before each one was completely felted, I pulled it out, stuffed it, added the eyes and the nose and sewed the back end shut.  I then finished felting them.  The pattern has clear instructions regarding assembly and felting.

I enjoyed this pattern.  I finished the cub in one evening - quick and easy to knit.

Benny's Blanket

A couple of years ago, I knitted the Pickets Baby Blanket, for the baby of a member of our church.  This year, the family was blessed with a new addition, a little boy named Benny.  I knit another baby blanket.  This time it was the Moderne Baby Blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting.

I chose this pattern because I liked the look of the blocks.  I picked the colors because I didn't want to knit the normal baby blue blanket, but wanted something with a stronger look.  Once I finished it, I decide it reminded me of the legos my kids used to play with.

Yarn:  Knitpicks Shine Worsted
  • Serrano (red) - 4 skeins
  • French Blue - 5 skeins
  • Dandelion (yellow) - 3 skeins
  • Macaw (green) - 3 skeins
  • Black - 2 skeins
Keep in mind that I always over-order yarn.  The numbers above are the number of skeins I ordered - it was more than enough.

I used a US #4 interchangeable needle from Knitpicks.  This is smaller than what the pattern calls for, but I always go down a needle size.

The pattern is Moderne Baby Blanket from the book Mason-Dixon Knitting. Since the yarn I used was not the one from the pattern, I had to alter the number of stitches and rows to adjust the size.  Once I established the first garter stitch count for the first block, I was able to just proportionally adjust the row count for all of the other blocks.  The proportion was 14/28/42.

I also added black rows between the blocks.  I was inspired by this blanket on Ravelry.  Instead of picking up stitches with the next color, I picked up stitches with the black.  I then knit a row side row with the black, and then I started with the next color.

This was only a problem on the portions of the blanket that are intarsia. The first time that happened, I added two black stitches between two colors.  It's between the large yellow and red blocks.  The stripe is too wide.  The next time I used 1 stitch of black, which worked better.  This was the first time I have done intarsia, and I have to say that I didn't really like it.  It worked OK, and I did the twisty thing (twist the two yarns together) which prevented holes, but it slowed my knitting down too much.
Knitting Time:
I started in the middle of August of 2013 and finished in the middle of November of the same year.

The pattern was fine, and I would recommend it.  The yarn choice was good, too. The blanket was very soft and drapey.

Georgetown Farrow Rib

Another finished object.  Yippee.  This is another scarf, knit in the movies.  In the summer, I have more opportunities to go to movies, and I love to take simple knitting with me.  Scarves fit the bill!

Yarn: I brought the yarn in Alexandria at Fibre Space.  It's from Neighborhood Fiber Co., and I love love love this yarn.  It is a superwash merino, worsted weight.  The colorway is Georgetown -- all of their hand-dyed yarns are named after neighborhoods in the D.C. area.  When we were in Fibre Space, I gravitated toward this yarn.  I didn't buy it at first, because it was ANOTHER blue yarn -- I buy so much blue yarn.  But the color called to me, and we went back to the store, and I bought it.  Very glad.  It has this great weight and drape.  Love it. 

Needles: Size US 7, Knitpicks aluminum interchangeable circular needles.

Pattern: This is a farrow rib scarf, based on the advice of Lara Schmidt. Click that link -- it's a simple three stitch repeat, the same on both rows. It makes the scarf easy to knit and reversible.

All the scarves I've made, and this is the first time I've added fringe.