Le châle est fini.

In other words, La Clapotis is finished.

I liked the shimmer yarn (Knitpicks; Stained Glass Colorway) The finished product is SO VERY SOFT. Huggable. Not much pooling of color at all -- only one area of pink that is visible in the top picture. Doubling the yarn must prevent a lot of the pooling.

I should mention that I used about 1340 yards of shimmer -- this is, of course, about 20 yards more than three skeins. I might have made it in three, except for the dreaded knotting incident, which was solved by removing the knots with scissors. I actually didn't sacrifice too much yarn, so I don't know (???). Three skeins or four? I used US size 8 needles.

Finished clapotis. Note one area of pink pooling. Posted by Hello

Finished Clapotis Posted by Hello

Almost done

I am on the decrease section of the clapotis. She is almost done. Each row that I knit is one stitch shorter than the last, because each row now has a decrease at the end. AND when I drop stitches, I get to drop two rows of stitches at a time. ALMOST DONE.

I've included two photos. One is clapotis in my husband's desk chair -- not that great, but I wanted a dark background on which to spread her out. The second is a stitch detail photo.

I'll take another photo when she is done -- maybe outside in nice light, although the color is pretty true in these photos.

Clapotis stitch detail Posted by Hello

Work so far on clapotis Posted by Hello

Fun at Knit-n-Hook

I went to Knit-n-Hook today -- our local yarn shop -- and had some fun. I bought a skein of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in columbine blossom -- a nice blue (which isn't listed on their site -- discontinued?), to match this yarn that I had in my stash -- also a Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. I'm going to be brave and try to make socks out of this yarn. Wonder if it will work.

I ordered two books from Amazon a week or so ago -- Weekend Knitting and At Knit's End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much. This second book is written by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, who is the Yarn Harlot. I'm saving both of them for vacation. I did peak in the Weekend Knitting book and found a pattern for a knitted bag. I had leftover yarn from the felted purse that I made with Miss Priss yarn, so I bought some Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride wool to match -- in Emerald Fantasy and Blue Flannel -- stripes for the bag.

Both of these projects will be for vacation travel (Yippee!).

I also bought a skien of Mountain Colors Wool quarters in Missouri River Blue. I have no idea what to do with this. A very fun shopping trip!

Molly and my yarn from my shopping spree. Posted by Hello

Squiggle Possibilities

Thought I might try using the squiggle for a scarf to wear to church on Pentecost. I’ve tried carrying it with a thin, plain red yarn (I don’t want to dilute the “redness” of the squiggle), and I’ve tried knitting with it alone. Nothing has pleased me. Back in the stash it goes – I’ll try again later.

Finished Object -- Yippee

While Shimmer awaits winding (I did finally get the tangles out of the yarn), I have been working on two other WIPs. I finished (yippee) the diamond block scarf from the Vogue Knitting Scarves book. It turned out nice. It took three skeins of alpaca -- I used a blue American alpaca yarn; 110 yards (1.75 oz). I’m thinking that it would make a nice table runner, so once I block it, I may try it out on the dining room table (who knows?). I’ve also made some progress on the socks that are pictured earlier in this blog. I may actually finish the second one of the pair.

Diamond alpaca scarf, folded. Only one end is visible. Posted by Hello