Hard to be creative?

Have you noticed that during the pandemic, your normal urge to stretch and test your creativity is gone?  Or at least stunted?

I love to make cards, and yet, it took a month of pandemic to sit down and make a card.  The experience was joyful, and I wanted to make cards (even when I couldn't) but I didn't until that day.  Now, I'm making them, but not as often.  I miss it. 

I actually have two blogs, and while this one is lucky to see a post a month, I usually post about four times a week on the other one.  But from the middle of March until now, there is only a single post.

I hope I can settle into a new routine of posting and creating.  I'm working on it.  But if you are experiencing the same thing, I think we can both take comfort in the idea that this is a normal reaction to an abnormal time.