End of Chart 3

This is a terrible picture.  We're on vacation.  I wanted to catch the shawl between charts 3 and 4, so I took the picture late at night in the hotel room.  This is the only one that is not too blurry.

Moving on to Chart 4.

Ten Things Blue

One of the blogs I regularly read is Carole Knits.  She routinely does a Ten on Tuesday post.  This week's post intrigued me, probably because I had just taken this picture.  She posted Ten Things that are your Favorite Color:

My favorite color is blue, and here are ten blue things:
  1. The ocean, at least last night.  A storm was coming in at twilight, and it turned everything a beautiful shade of blue.  I don't know the couple walking on the beach, but I thought it made for a romantic image.
  2. Yarn.  As Carole says, yarn comes in all colors, but blue is my favorite, especially when mixed with purple and green.
  3. My little iPod nano.  I love this little piece of technology when I'm at the beach -- listening to lots of podcasts and books.
  4. The cover on my phone -- Yep, blue.
  5. My current "movie" scarf project -- that's the project I take with me to movies, so that I can knit while I watch.  The current one is knit from a yarn by an independent yarn dyer in Maryland called Neighborhood Fiber Co.  The colors are named after Washington neighborhoods -- this one is Georgetown.  Great color; great yarn (top left in this picture)
  6. Our minivan -- blue, yes.
  7. Vacation sky -- it has been sunny and almost cloudless -- except for last night's storm.
  8. A bathroom that doesn't yet exist -- We are in the middle of planning a bathroom remodel, and I'm hoping for blue walls.
  9. Shawl -- I brought one with me to the beach to use in the room.  It's this one.
  10. Our dishes -- the set of dishes we use everyday is Fiestaware in a dark blue -- a West Virginia Company.