She is growing...

La Claptosis is growing. I am now on repeat number five. I was being very careful to click my row counter after I completed each set of repeats in the straight sections until I realized (duh) that I only need to count the ladders of dropped stitches to know how many straight repeats I've done. I have found that this pattern almost counts itself. I am using stitch markers -- yes, I know that I can purl the dropped stitches instead of knitting them and avoid the counters, but I REALLY need these little plastic rings to say, "Here, dummy, ktb here, then k, then ktb." I also think that "reading my knitting" would be more difficult with this Shimmer yarn. It is MUCH thinner than worsted, even doubled, and it doesn't speak as loudly as worsted when you try to read it. I like my markers, even if they do slow me down, and I plan to keep them. They are very well trained in their job, which is to say, "Now NOW NOW. Stop just knitting and do something different!"

I read "Yarn Harlot" this morning, and have added it to my list of blogs to regularly read. Try this one; you'll like it! I must try to find her new book on Amazon.

My next goal with the blog is to try to figure out how to add buttons to the sidebar. I would like to try to join the Knitter's Review blog ring, but I've got to figure this problem out first.

We went to Lexington for a family retreat this past weekend. I'll write about that trip in my next entry. Our adventure did include (for me) a trip to a yarn store and a (yippee) purchase.