Knit Unto Others Mittens

Each Christmas at our church one of the younger Sundays school classes sponors a sock and mitten tree. Socks and -- you guessed it -- mittens get hung on the tree to be donated to the local food and clothing pantry. I bought some of those "one size stretches to fit all" gloves at Target to hang on the tree, but decided to knit some mittens. On the left is a pineapple mitten -- very hard to knit. Not a difficult pattern, but physically hard to do -- every fourth row was full of Knit three together. I've finished one mitten. The mitten on the left is actually a rich eggplant purple, not blue. It is the "pumpkin pattern" on the same pattern sheet with no leaves, so tha it really just looks like a mitten with a rolled cuff. I finished the first one today (except for the strings which need woven in). It was a much faster knit. Posted by Picasa



"Slip 1, k2tog, psso" is probably the easiest of the double decreases; you might think about using that instead the next time you do something like the pineapple mitten.

It looks a little different from k3tog, but it doesn't look like it would matter in your pattern. (It does in lace and some cable patterns.)