Felted wool hat

I finished a hat for my mom using Baabajoes Wool Pak yarn, 14 ply, from New Zealand in a neutral taupe using a Fiber Trends pattern for a felted wool pak hat. Pre-felting, it was one of the ugliest things I have ever knitted. Doesn't it look like a character from Fat Albert? Felting helped alot.

Hints and FO

I was reading Knitting with Laura today and found a very nice list of "glove hints" that any knitting gloves might enjoy. Turning the fingers into the glove so that they don't get into the way while you are knitting the others -- why didn't I think of that???

I finished knitting a (project named removed to protect the gift recipient) today for (name removed). Have you ever knit something so ugly that you don't want to ever see it again? Hopefully, felting will help, and I'll post pre- and post- pictures after Christmas.

Second pair of gloves --- done!

My second pair of gloves are finished. These are a Christmas gift. I was VERY TIRED of them, and had threatened to throw them away if I didn't finish them soon. These are garter cuff gloves (as done previously) in a black and green Plymouth DK yarn. GLAD THEY ARE DONE.

Sock and Mitten Tree

These are the mittens that I did for the Sock and Mitten Tree at church. Purple ones done in the "pumpkin" pattern without the leaves, and the pineapple mittens (done with the leaves). For the second pineapple mitten, I switched from knit three together to another double decrease, Slip 1, knit two together, pass slipped stitch over -- as suggested in a comment to my previous post. It was SO MUCH easier, and while I realize that this is a different kind of decrease, I really couldn't tell by looking at the mittens that I had made the change. It saved this pair -- I was dreading the second mitten with all those K3T -- they actually made my hand hurt.