Fun from Iceland

We're heading back to red for a moment, because I have something cool to show you. I got a card from Carola of Sheep and No City today (my Project Spectrum Post card partner for March).

First, because I love to look at stamps, take at look at the RED envelope (now, why didn't I think of that?) Cool stamps. I wonder why Iceland has a mouse on a stamp. The roses are beautiful. I think I owe Carola some stamps -- when I took her card to the post office, the post office guy just printed off the postage and stuck it on the envelope -- very unattractive.

And here is a postcard from Hafnarfjörður. Carola told me that near her are several streets named for waves -- different kinds of waves. Isn't that interesting?

Also in the brilliantly red envelope was corrugateded folder -- red, of course, sealed shut with a --wait for it -- red safety pinIngeniousus. Inside the folder were pink pull tabs -- visible in the picture -- and a CD with what Carola calls red music. I'm listening to the CD now -- it's wonderful music, and they are singing in -- I guess -- Icelandic. I'm very much enjoying it.

So, to celebrate the reception of such a great mail surprise, here are some facts for you about Iceland (which I just looked up, because I feel extra uninformed):

  • Capital = Reykjavík -- I did know that.
  • Area = 103,000 km² / 39,758 sq mi. (Glaciers: 12,000 km², lava: 11,000 km², lakes: 3,000 km², arable land: 1,100 km²).
  • Name = Lýðveldið Ísland
  • Icelandic alphabet: a á b c d ð e é f g h i í j k l m n o ó p q r s t u ú v w x y ý z þ æ ö


I'm glad the card arrived and that you liked it! Yes, they are singing in Icelandic (some in English, though ;-))