Angora pelt

I ran across some yarn at our local yarn store by Elsebeth Lavold -- an angora and wool blend. I bought a few skeins of it, and decided to make it into a scarf.
My son calls it my rabbit pelt scarf -- it's very soft. It's designed with a "key hole" through which the scarf can pass. It's visible in the image, but I wonder if it is clear. The colors -- a black and taupe -- match my coat.
Pattern: From Vogue Scarves Two -- it is a rabbit fur trimmed scarf. I modified it by making it a little more narrow (although it is still wider and shorter than any other scarf I've made.
Yarn: 3 skeins of Elsebeth Lavold angora in black and one in driftwood.
Needles: US size 8