Hot Shawl!

I'm still working on the Kilkenny cable shawl. I really like the pattern. I like the knitting. I thought when I first started that it would be something that would be difficult because I would need to continually refer to the chart, but not so. It is a four row pattern repeat, and very easy to memorize. Even so, it is still interesting enough to knit without getting bored.

I need to look at the pattern to see how wide it is supposed to be. The rows are very long, because it is knit horizontally -- across the shawl. Right now, it's between 12.5 to 13 inches wide. The cables run across the shawl (rather than long-ways) with narrow panels of "lace" in between -- simple yarn overs with decreases.

My only issue with it is that is is worsted wool, and it is July. We're at the beach. I don't know about holding this on my lap!

I also brought a fingering weight yarn and the pattern for the Yarn Harlot's Pretty Little Thing, in case the shawl gets too hot for me.