Cake of yarn strips
Six years ago today I started my first blog to talk about knitting.  It seemed to be a strange thing to do, but as many people who started blogs at the same time said, I was reading other knitting blogs and decided to try it as well. 

It has been a great way to record my knitting projects -- an online knitting journal. 

There was a very long break in 2007 and 2008 -- no knitting, no knitting blog.  I'm glad to be back at both hobbies -- knitting and knitting blogging.

Picket Baby Blanket strips

The yarn cake is from my current project -- the Pickets Baby Blanket.  The blanket is composed of simple garter stripes with pointing instead of flat ends.  The yarn is Swish DK superwash from Knitpicks.  The pattern is from Knitpicks as well.

I have three or four more stripes to finish, and then a whole lot of sewing to do.