Mitered Crosses

So what am I working on?  I worked my way through one Deep Water sock, finishing it.  I started the next one, but got distracted by another project.

I purchased the Mitered Cross pattern from Kay at Mason Dixon knitting.  I have been thinking about knitting something for my older son as he begins college.  I like the idea that the revenue from the pattern goes to Japan relief, because it says something about service that I want him to know.  I like that the pattern is crosses, because it says something about faith that I want him to know.  I chose colors that will match his knew college's school colors (orange and black).  I like that it is knit by his mom, because that says something about love that I want him to know. 
Mitered Crosses
So, my current project is Mitered Crosses.  I'm planning on making it longer than in the pattern, because he is a long kid.  So far, I have six squares completed.  Rather than the Noro called for in the pattern, I'm using Knitpicks Chromo and four colors of Wool of the Andes.  The two yarns seem to knit to the same gauge. 

I'm just glad I don't have to seem them together.  I'm hoping the method Kay uses to form the blanket is better than the one I used for the baby blanket!