Snow People

Two on the right were gifts for friends; two on the left stayed with us.
In progress
I was looking through my email when I found a pattern from Knitpicks that intrigued me. I ended up knitting five of these little snow people. I kept two, haven't quiet finished two, and gave two away as a Christmas gift.

Hats and scarves

Pattern: Knitpicks Lumpy, Rosy and Slim by Melissa Burt.  I haven't made Lumpy, but I have made the other two.    I followed the pattern as written except that I used a smaller needle (just because I knit loosely.  I have found on Ravelry that many people who knit them haven't felted them, but I much prefer them to be felted.  I've included a picture for comparison.  The felting just makes them look much more like snow -- more professional the finished (in my opinion).   I felted them by hand in the bathroom sink. 

Yarn:  Knitpicks Palette in various colors -- white, black, garnet heather, and marine heather.  I also picked up an orange, green and yellow to finish off the last two I'm making.  Those two, when finished, will sport my boys school colors.
Unfelted on left; felted on right
Needles:  US 2.5 (3.0mm) DPN

Felting each one took about 10 minutes, and as the felting came to an end I could feel the object shrink and could see the stitches disappear.

I made their noses out of orange polymer clay with a hole in one end to sew it on.  The clasps on the capes are also handmade with jewelry wire.

Fun pattern -- enjoyed it.