Alaskan Scarf

When we were in Alaska, I bought several yarns.  Two of them were from Rabbit Run.   I used them to start a scarf, which I talked about in this post.  You can actually see the colors better in the picture associated with that post.  The scarf is finished now.

Yarn:  Rabbit Ridge Columbia Worsted Weight Wool in Wildberry and in Water.  The two colorways are almost the same except that that wildberry has raspberry in it in addition to the blues and greens.

Needle:  US Size 7

Pattern:  No real pattern -- just a 2 x 2 rib of stripes two rows wide.  It doesn't look striped since the yarn is so close to being the same.  I think it's 42 stitches wide.

It has been one of my movie scarves -- I would grab it when I was going to the movies to have something to knit in the dark.  I like how this turned out.