Deep Water Socks

My Deep Water Socks are so named because of the Knitpicks yarn I chose for them.  They took a long time to knit -- from April 2011 to February 2012 -- not because of their difficulty, but just because of my time devoted to them.
YarnKnitpicks Stroll Tonal in the Deep Water color.  It's a blend of blues and purples, and it appeals to me both because of its color and its name.
Pattern:  The Yarn Harlot's sock recipe from the book Knitting Rules. 

Pattern changes:  I cast on 72 stitches instead of 60 and reduced the needle size down to a US 1 so that the fabric is thicker than the Emmaus socks.  I changed the heel to a short row heel from the Rockin Socks pattern from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.  I had trouble with the heel the first time I did it, but the second time was better.  I'm not sure I would use this heel again -- might not be my favorite.

Needle:  US 1, DPN, Harmony.

I finished these socks on the plan to the Dominican Republic and grafted the toe in our hotel room.