Ten Things Blue

One of the blogs I regularly read is Carole Knits.  She routinely does a Ten on Tuesday post.  This week's post intrigued me, probably because I had just taken this picture.  She posted Ten Things that are your Favorite Color:

My favorite color is blue, and here are ten blue things:
  1. The ocean, at least last night.  A storm was coming in at twilight, and it turned everything a beautiful shade of blue.  I don't know the couple walking on the beach, but I thought it made for a romantic image.
  2. Yarn.  As Carole says, yarn comes in all colors, but blue is my favorite, especially when mixed with purple and green.
  3. My little iPod nano.  I love this little piece of technology when I'm at the beach -- listening to lots of podcasts and books.
  4. The cover on my phone -- Yep, blue.
  5. My current "movie" scarf project -- that's the project I take with me to movies, so that I can knit while I watch.  The current one is knit from a yarn by an independent yarn dyer in Maryland called Neighborhood Fiber Co.  The colors are named after Washington neighborhoods -- this one is Georgetown.  Great color; great yarn (top left in this picture)
  6. Our minivan -- blue, yes.
  7. Vacation sky -- it has been sunny and almost cloudless -- except for last night's storm.
  8. A bathroom that doesn't yet exist -- We are in the middle of planning a bathroom remodel, and I'm hoping for blue walls.
  9. Shawl -- I brought one with me to the beach to use in the room.  It's this one.
  10. Our dishes -- the set of dishes we use everyday is Fiestaware in a dark blue -- a West Virginia Company.