Mitred Crosses, Take Two

Many years ago, when the older son, Grant, started college, I made this blanket for him.  It is a Mitred Cross blanket, knit in his college school's colors (orange and black). It was a surprise for him, and for me, it was the largest object I had ever knit. That was in 2011.

Fast forward to 2014. Our younger son, Josh, graduated from high school and started college. I
decided to continue the tradition, so I knit him a Mitred Cross Blanket, using his school's main color, kelly green. Since son #2 is the same height as son #1, their blankets were the same size.

I wasn't blogging on this blog then, so I didn't write a post. It seems that I didn't take any pictures, either, which is very unlike me. To write the post, I had to text Josh and ask him to photograph his blanket for me.

Yarn: Superwash Wool of the Andies. This was a change from Grant's blanket. His was not superwash. Since I knit the blanket, I have machine washed and dried it, which was scary for all of us, but worked just fine. The colors were coal, cobblestone heather and dove heather (all three the same as Grant's) plus two green colors - a kelly green and a forest green, whose real names I have not recorded.

Needles: I don't remember, but I knit the first one with size 6, so I'm betting I used the same size with this one.

Pattern: Mitred Crosses Blanket by Mason Dixon Knitting. Here is the link on Ravelry, There used to be a post on Mason Dixon knitting, but it appears to be gone now.  In the corner of the blanket, I stitched musical notes (my deviation from the pattern). Those are symbolic of Josh, who is a musician.  I also made it longer than the pattern calls for - Josh's is a total of 15 squares. I added a black edging to the finished blanket.