Northern Lights Scarf

Back in March of 2018, I posted about a scarf I was knitting.  It had been years in the planning because the two skeins of yarn I bought didn't match - they were the same colorway, but handpainted, and not purchased at the same time.  I couldn't decide how to knit the scarf without giving up the beautiful patterning this yarn does when knit.  I finally decided the scarf would have two fraternal ends, and I started knitting.  Back in March.

It did take a while to finish it - not as long as it has taken to post about it - but a while.

Here it is - the Northern Light Scarf (in one post called Aurora Borealis), finished.  Can you see the two different halves? I don't care. I love the patterning.

Yarn: Mountain Color 4/8s wool in Northern Lights (colorway no longer available) - two skeins
Needles: Size US 7
Other Posts: March 2018 and November 2018