Forest Green and Navy Tweed Scarf

I finished a scarf tonight.  The truth is, I should have finished it months ago - all that was left was the bind off.  I'm not sure why I didn't do the last row ages ago. but there you go.

Steve and I purchased the yarn at a store called Cast On Yarn Studio in Vermillion, Ohio.  We were taking a quick trip along Lake Erie in Ohio to look at lighthouses.  We turned the corner in Vermillion, and there was the store.  I hadn't even looked for one.

The yarn is from Cestari Sheep and Wool Company in Churchville, Virginia.  It is from their Traditional Collection, 100% Wool, Forest Green and Navy Tweed.  It is a worsted weight wool, but a little thicker than what I usually use as worsted weight.  I bought three skeins - you can read about the stash addition here.  I only used two of them for the scarf.

There is no pattern.  It is a 2x2 rib, 34 stitches wide.  It is over 5 feet long - taller than me, so maybe 5.5 feet?  I used Knitpicks needes, US number 8 - that is larger than usual, because of the thicker wool.
There are errors in the knitting.  I did some of it in movies theaters (back when we weren't avoiding a virus and went to movies.  I didn't always notice the errors and by the time I did, it was too late to fix them.

I'm sure with its squishy ribbing, and thick wool, it will be a very warm scarf next winter, made of my two favorite colors.