I am inspired to encourage people by sending cards by the example of my mother-in-law, Judy. If Judy met you, and could find out your birthday, you would receive a card, each year, from her. She loved sending out cards. She developed Alzheimer's disease and died much too young.  Of the many things she left behind was a large stash of cards - my father-in-law is still sending them out!

I started making cards several years ago. One thing I have learned about myself is that I might enjoy a creative pursuit for a year or so, and then stop doing it. Years ago, I gave up making cards because I found that the hobby became too much pressure - get the card done on time!

I started cardmaking again in 2015. I changed my expectations of what I would do. All of my cards are A2 size - this smaller canvas works better for me. I don't try to fill the cards will Hallmark-like verses. Simple sentiments are what I use now. And I work ahead of myself - a month or even two in advance. I've worked to increase my skills by participating in classes and watching YouTube videos. The joy is back in cardmaking for me.

Supplies I routinely use include:

White paper:
Colored Card Stock