Who is Sandpiper?

Why Sandpiper? When I was young, my grandfather liked CB radios. He worked construction, and would talk to my grandmother during the day using the radio. He had them in his truck and his car. We ended up with one in our car (for emergencies, I imagine). Sandpiper was my "handle." It reminds me of times with my grandparents. It also is symbolic of my love of the beach.

Who am I? I am a Christian, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a biologist, a feminist, a fundraiser, a writer, a photographer and an artist. I am the Vice President of the United Methodist Foundation of West Virginia, and I am a Certified Lay Minister in the United Methodist Church.

I manage maintain several websites, and I have two blogs of my own.
  1. Sandpiper's Thoughts: At Sandpiper's Thoughts, I blog about my thoughts about faith.
  2. Sandpiper Creates:  At Sandpiper Creates, I blog about my other creative pursuits including knitting, papercrafting, cardmarking, photography, and anything else that I feel is a creative outlet for my need to create.  Learn more about my creative pursuits on these pages: PapercraftingKnittingCreativityPhotography.  Find me on Ravelry as mom4gj and on Instagram as mom4gj.
And if you want to see my library (referenced in Sandpiper's Thoughts), it's here.