Storm Merino style

Isn't it interesting how color monitors and different cameras and who knows what can change the color of yarn? This is the color of yarn I ordered for my Highland Triangle Shawl. It's Merino style and is the color storm. This kind of looks like the color I received (this picture is from the Knitpicks web page.) On the web it looks lighter than in the catalog. The pictures of the shawl in progress I've put on the blog are a different color completely. I think the one from Knitpicks is probably closer to the actual color of the shawl, but really, neither are exactly right. And I was actually hoping for something darker.

I have TONS of yarn available right here at my desktop, but I can't see its real color or feel it. Oh, well, I order it anyway. I do like this yarn. It is knitting up very nicely. No yarn "vomit" as I use the skeins. Only a very few knots.