Vest Update

I'm coming into the final lap on this challenge called the knitting Olympics. The vest is close to a reality. Last night I "seamed" the first shoulder seam as per directions, using a "double bind-off." Have I mentioned how slippery the turbo needles are? They are fine in normal circumstances -- fast when doing regular knit stitch. In this case, though, I was fussing at them. DH is trying to watch the Olympics (or sleep -- can't remember which one), and I'm doing the double bind off -- circular turbos and a third, aluminum needle. When I was close to the end, I stopped and warned the stitches -- in my best "MOM" voice -- to stay on the needle. They promptly, and without regard to my demands, slipped off the needles. Argh.

Anyway, bind off done, and I'm working on the right front of the vest. I've finished almost 30 rows, which is almost 5 inches. The right front is nine inches from the "arm hole" division, so four more inches, and then the final four finished inches, another double bind off, and its done -- except for weaving in a few ends, washing, blocking, sewing on yet to be purchased buttons, and picking off the occasional dog hair.

DH asked what kind of buttons I was going to use. Answer -- I'll put any kind of buttons on this baby as long as they are on by the time the torch is extinguished. Really nice, special, order off the internet buttons can be considered at a later date -- as an alteration to a finished article of clothing. This week she gets what Jo Ann Fabrics has in stock.

The color is so DIFFICULT to photograph. It's multilayered -- not brown, not burgandy, more purple than anything else. I've included this up-close and personal view of the knitting, not because the color is right, but so that you can see the variation in color this yarn has.

And hopefully all uneveness of stitches will be eliminated by blocking (she says, optimistically)