Intertwined Cable Scarf

I finished the Intertwined Cable scarf from the Pattern a Day calendar, March 14-15. It was a gift for my husband. The first scarf I made for him didn't work out so well -- rolling edges -- I hate them. Anyway, this one was an unhidden surprise. I knit it right in front of him -- he even helped me wind the yarn for it, but he didn't know it was for him until I handed it to him, with one of my little Sandpiper Tags.


Yarn: Cascade 220 in a forest green shade. I used more than one skein, but not all of two
Needle size: US 7
Modifications to pattern: None, except that I did find an error in the symbol key. I emailed the publisher about this, and they quickly sent me confirmaiton of my suspisions and a file with the correct key. These corrections can now be found on their error page for the calendar.

I enjoyed this pattern. It was great fun watching the cables emerge! This is a seaman's scarf, which means that it has a neck "section" that is narrower than the rest of the scarf. The neck was done in a ribbing pattern.



That's the sort of May knitting I need around here... it has been so cold and rainy here lately that a big wool scarf sounds good! It turned out lovely... but here's to hoping you won't have much use for it until fall!


Love your blog... will be adding a link to it when I get home tonight!


Donna said..
How do you get to the website to
get the correction on the
Intertwined Cables Scarf.
I am a novice and having problems,
hoping that is the error.


Hi, Donna;

The revised pattern is published here:

You may have to copy and paste it into your browser to get there. It must be an updated link -- the one in my post is probably old.

If that doesn't work, then I'll tell you how I found it today. Go to On that page is a link to Craft calendar corrections. Look for the Corrections to the 2006 Knitting Calendar -- the date of the pattern is March 14.

Hope that helps!


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