Magnum Opus

I was listening to the pod-cast Cast-on the other day. She was talking about having a "magnum opus." What big thing have you done with knitting? Have you taken on a project that is just HUGE? Success or failure doesn't matter. It's just the attempt at something large.

I worry that the idea of a magnum opus is self defeating. Once you've done it, then what?

I think we should live a magnum opus life. We should continue to pick up the next big thing followed by the next big thing.

When I started knitting, I decided that I would really learn it. I wouldn't just be satisfied with being able to knit "squares." (That's always been my joke about crochet -- I can crochet squares, but nothing else.).

As I progressed with the knitting, I learned increasing and decreasing. I moved away from scarves to a sock and then to gloves and then to an actual garmet -- a vest for the Knitting Olympics.

Now I'm working on a sweater. I've never knit a sweater before, but it's the next BIG thing.

Image: Winter for Project Spectrum.