End of a Web Site

For a couple of years -- 2005, 2006 -- I used a Geocities site as a companion to the blog. It was a web site with pages devoted to completed projects -- kind of an online knitting journal. It is a little too much to do, and I haven't added anything to it since 2006. I've been using the blog as a journal since then, taking care to have a "finished object" post for each completed project.

That was fine. The web site was still linked to the blog, so references to it still worked. Unfortunately, Geocities is closing down its free sites. I could pay for a site, but I don't want to do that, so I spent the day moving information from the webs site to the blog, updating links, and organizing.

While I was at it, I added tags to older posts. All finished objects can now be accessed from the sidebar -- either in the year they were completed or by the type of project it is.

Bleh. I'm tired!

Goodbye, Sandpiper Knits . com. Hello, organized blog.