Learning about a camera

I normally take pictures for this blog (and my other blog) using my Nikon CoolPix, which I love. When Circuit City was going out of business, Steve bought a Canon Rebel XSi for us. It's a digital SLR camera with two lenses. I've used it some, and love it, too, but feel as if I don't know much about its operation. We're planning a trip in May (Alaska!), so I wanted to take some time to become more familiar with it. I bought a couple of books from Amazon, and am working my way through one of them now (The Canon Digial Rebel XSi Companion). The picture above was snapped as I finished a chapter this evening.


Good job! I, too am learning a new camera that I got for christmas. I have just finished a community college course on it's inner workings. I am having a blast taking pics of EVERYTHING lol. Good luck with your learning, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask, maybe we can figure stuff out together...