Ongoing Projects

Rabbit Run Scarf
Even though I haven't posted in a while, I'm still knitting.  I have at least two finished objects I need to photograph and post; I'm hoping to do that soon. 

In the meantime, I am knitting, but I haven't landed on the next "big thing."  I'm working on finishing some projects that I started previously while I wait for inspiration to strike. 

One Emmaus Lanyard
The image to the right is a scarf I'm working on.  It's 2 x 2 ribbing with alternating two row stripes of a pair of yarns I picked up in Alaska.  More details are in this post, but the two yarns are by Rabbit Run, in the water and wildberry colorways.  Wildberry looks a lot like water, but includes a cranberry color along with the water colors.  Because the two yarns have much in common, the scarf doesn't look striped, but blends very well.  It's the project I pick up when I don't have anything else to knit, or when I need a movie knitting project.  Eventually, it will get finished.

The next two pictures are of some lanyards I knit to be used by my Emmaus Community for pilgrim's crosses.  About 30 or so are required for each walk.  The gentleman who used to knit them worked on them all year round, knitting away.  He died, so the community has picked up his ministry. 

Twelve Lanyards
They are made using Red Heart yarn, Mexicana colorway, with a French (or spool) knitter.  Even my husband picked up the needles for this one.  We each knit 12 of them.  For pattern information, just google Emmaus lanyard.  It is simply a 24 inch long i-cord.
I tried knitting one with double pointed needles, but the result was not as neat as with the spool knitter.  These were quiet a distraction for a while, taking me away from my other knitting.
Soon, I'll post about this year's Red Scarf Project and the hat I just finished.