Virginia Scarf by way of Uruguay

One of the yarns I bought in Alexandria was a Manos del Uruguay in a deep green.  It's an unplied yarn.  I bought to hanks of it, each of them 219 yards.  I knit a scarf with it.

Pattern:  Yarn Harlot's One Row scarf -- my "go to" scarf.  I love this pattern.  It usually creates an interesting play of color, although this time, not as much.   This one is 34 stitches wide (instead of my usual 38) because the yarn is thicker than my usual worsted.

Needles:  I just finished this scarf this weekend, and I can't remember if I used size 7 or 8.  We'll say 7.

Yarn:  Manos del Uruguay Maxima, 2 hanks 100 g with 42 grams left over.  I'm hoping to use that to make something to match the scarf.  Or at least to trim something to match the scarf.  Hat?  Mittens?