Summer Knitting

On my other blog, I sometimes use a blog post starter from RevGalBlogPals called Friday Five.  Each Friday there is a set of five questions posted that readers can answer in their blogs.  This week's question:

Please tell us five things you are doing this Summer.  Bonus? One thing you're not doing, but WANT to be doing.

I answered that question on my other blog, but I thought I could come up with a knitting answer, too:
  1. Finish the pair of Pomatomus socks.  I have one done, and half of the leg of the other one done
  2. Knit the peacock feathers shawl.  I have it started -- about 20 rows, but it starts with 3 stitches, so 20 rows is nothing.  This monster takes concentration.
  3. I'm sure I'll be knitting some scarves.  I hope to go to lots of summer movies, and I like to take movie knitting with me.
  4. Clean up my stash and get it organized.
  5. Read Principles of Knitting, which I just bought for Kindle.
  6. Catch up on my Interweave Knits magazines (also on my iPad).  I'm still reading the spring one.
  7. Knit a red scarf for the Red Scarf Project.  I'll combine that with #3.
  8. Knit a pair of socks from Knit Sock Love (I think that's it's name).  It's a Cookie A book.
  9. Visit at least a couple of Local Yarn Stores (which will have to be out of town -- we don't have any here).
  10. Wash and block my son's Mitred Square blanket before he goes back to school.
So that's 10 - I knew I could do this for knitting!

One thing I won't be doing that I would like to be doing?  Knitting more!