Almost done

I am on the decrease section of the clapotis. She is almost done. Each row that I knit is one stitch shorter than the last, because each row now has a decrease at the end. AND when I drop stitches, I get to drop two rows of stitches at a time. ALMOST DONE.

I've included two photos. One is clapotis in my husband's desk chair -- not that great, but I wanted a dark background on which to spread her out. The second is a stitch detail photo.

I'll take another photo when she is done -- maybe outside in nice light, although the color is pretty true in these photos.


It's looking beautiful, Kim! The colors are so vibrant. Don't you just love the Shimmer yarn?!


The "clappy" looks great. What size needles and how many skeins of the shimmer did you use? I made one in Brooks Farms Yarns Four Play, but want one a little lighter weight for my cousin!


I used just a little over three hanks and size 8 needles.