Le châle est fini.

In other words, La Clapotis is finished.

I liked the shimmer yarn (Knitpicks; Stained Glass Colorway) The finished product is SO VERY SOFT. Huggable. Not much pooling of color at all -- only one area of pink that is visible in the top picture. Doubling the yarn must prevent a lot of the pooling.

I should mention that I used about 1340 yards of shimmer -- this is, of course, about 20 yards more than three skeins. I might have made it in three, except for the dreaded knotting incident, which was solved by removing the knots with scissors. I actually didn't sacrifice too much yarn, so I don't know (???). Three skeins or four? I used US size 8 needles.


That is absolutely gorgous!! those colors are fantastic!!! and the little pool of pink makes it yours...your little special addition! great job!!!


your clapotis is beautiful! i'm addicted to mine, and after knitting it on and off for like 2 months, i'm doing a little every day. i am in th 2nd repeat of the straight section and it's so much fun to drop those stitches!

will you be making another?


Will I be making another? Not soon; but maybe sometime. It is a fun pattern -- easy to knit -- and I liked it!