How I Found Knitting Confidence in the Palm of a Glove

I don’t remember why I was thumbing through my copy of “Weekend Knitting” by Melanie Falick. I had it with me on a Friday evening, sitting in front of Chili’s, waiting for a table for dinner. My husband and two boys were with me, and they are used to mom bringing her knitting along. I stopped on the page with patterns to make gloves – both fingerless and whole. The pattern calls for DK weight yarn; I had just finished my Highland Triangle Shawl using Merino Style from KnitPicks, and knew I had almost two skeins left of this DK weight wool.

I have been knitting for almost two years now, but almost all my life (since fourth grade?) I have been a crocheter. I am fond of saying that I can crochet anything, as long as it is square (or rectangular). When I started knitting in early 2004, I was motivated by a New Year’s Resolution to “learn to knit.” I started knitting; it was fun. I found an internet community of knitters; it all became even more fun. I was determined to really learn how to knit – not just rectangles, but other, more useful, shapes. My first finished project was a scarf followed by a multitude of Christmas present scarves. My resolution in 2005 was to knit a pair of socks – sufficiently un-square. I’ve done that. This year I’ve knit socks, a clapotis, a shawl, three bags and a lace scarf. I saw the glove pattern, and thought, “I can do this.”

And then I read the pattern. It looked intimidating. I snapped the book shut that Friday evening, and said, “That’s too hard. I would never be able to finish a glove.”

However, on the way home from dinner that evening, I stopped and bought the dpn that I would need to knit the gloves. That evening, I started the pattern, using my very soft, storm colored merino wool along with my hope that if I just followed the instructions, I could actually knit gloves.

The next evening, I was dancing around the family room, holding up my half-finished glove, sing-songing, “I have a thumb. LOOK! A thumb.” Happily, my husband was suitably impressed.

Knitting gloves in public is a fun adventure. First of all, your knitting looks like a porcupine, with all those sharp needles sticking out. Friends and strangers alike must ask what I am knitting. At this point, I get to enjoy the fun of showing them the first, already completed glove. I really enjoy their reaction – “A glove? You’re knitting a glove? Isn’t that hard?”

We all know that it isn’t. It’s just one stitch after the next. But – WOW – at the end of the project, I’ll have a pair of gloves. I will also have a huge pile of self-confidence to tackle the next, more difficult project. I am on my way to becoming a Knitter (with a capital K). Someday I’ll do a sweater – one stitch at a time.



Good for you Kim! I'm glad you pushed yourself past your comfort zone, it's really the best way to grow your knitting skills -- and probably your life skills. Be proud of your first glove!


What a lovely shade of blue! I can't wait to see your finished gloves.