Knitpicks Options needles

Temptation began as a catalog. I received the KnitPicks catalog in the mail -- you know the one -- the one announcing that KnitPicks is now carrying their own brand of needles (see them here).

"Hmm. Those look interesting, I thought."

Then I read the review last Thursday from Clara at Knitter's Review. I should label Clara an an enabler, because I pulled out my credit card and ordered a set. Not that I wouldn't have done it anyway, but I might not have done it at right that moment in time.

Why do I think this would be a handy set to have?
  1. The cords look flexible. That's one of my favorite characteristics of Addi Turbos -- no steaming of the cords.
  2. The points look sharp. I don't like dull points.
  3. I like the idea of having every size available to me. I have tons of needles, but I always seem to NOT have the size I need.
  4. I like that I can add to the set as desired (note I did not say as needed).

So my only problem now is the backorder state of the needles. Here's hoping they come soon.