Watercolor Hat

I finished the pink baby hat -- same pattern and needles as the purple one. I never did make it to the store for bamboo needles, so I suffered through the aluminum ones. I've started calling it the watercolors hat.

These hats are is my first try at colorwork. It was really kind of fiddly (if that is a word). I do like this pattern, and I love the little swirl of leaves on the top.

I didn't mention that when the purple hat (which I gave the mom with some other lavender clothes) was opened at the shower and passed around, someone turned it inside out to check out the stranding on the colorwork. Never give a knitting gift at a shower where other knitters are invited. (just kidding).

How about a purple flower for purple month?


Such an adorable hat! You did a fabulous job -

I love the purple flower too - the color of rich subtlety eals our eyes... nice shot...


Hi,I was wondering where i could find that pattern??ilove this hay!!!!


The pattern is by Ann Norling, and is called Kids Fruit Hats.

I bought it at a yarn store on vacation, but here it is online: http://www.jimmybeanswool.com/secure-html/onlinegen/currgen/AnnNorling/AnnNorlingPatterns.asp?showLarge=true&specPCVID=2315