Highlander Update

I'm still working on the Highland Triangle Shawl. It's moving along, although it feels slower and slower as each row is knit. Of course, that makes sense, because each row is four stitches longer than the last. To top it off, I count the stitches on the needle after each half-row is finished, to make sure everything is as it should be. The counting slows things down, too.

The pictures in this post don't depict the most recent look of the shawl. I'm actually working on the outer row. In fact, I'm almost done with it and with the shawl! And I'm glad of that. It's a really REALLY big project -- especially since I'm sticking to it until it's done. No breaks to knit something else.

A friend asked to see the pattern to see if she would like to knit it. She looked at it; she showed it to a fellow knitter, and they decided it was a Hard Knit. I don't think it's hard. I do think, because of the lace aspect, it's a knit that requires attention (just like any other lace). Mistakes are visible. It's just knits and pearls, and it doesn't require a real gauge, so wouldn't call it hard.

I've enjoyed it. I'm ready to be finished!