Jaywalker socks -- finished!

Finally, I've finished the second sock of my Jaywalker socks. I couldn't sleep last night, so I stayed up, watched reruns of FarScape, and knit until I finished it. The project had reached its "let's just get it over with" point, so I was glad to stitch that last Kitchner stitch.

Pattern: Grumperina's Jaywalker sock pattern. The pattern is very well written and easy to follow. I had read in several places that people were finding the original size to be too small, so I went up one size. I probably shouldn't have -- I probably should have knit the original size. The socks seem too large.

Yarn: Socks that Rock, medium weight, Fire on the Mountain colorway. Since I made the larger size, I barely had enough yarn. You can see the leftover yarn in this image. The pattern is written so that as you work the toe, you knit every other row "even" and work two pairs of decreases in the other rows until you have seven stitches on each needle. In the first sock, I took some advice from the Yarn Harlot (I think it was her), and as I got close to the end of the sock, I eliminated the "even" rows. Somewhere I read that this would give a sock toe a more rounded look. For the first sock, I did this at about nine stitches per needle. In the second sock, to save yarn, I did this from about eleven stitches per needle. I can't see any difference between the two socks, so I guess it worked. Even doing that I wouldn't have had enough yarn except that I hadn't cut off the long-tailed cast on. I snipped the extra yarn off and attached it to the other end of the yarn, giving me several more inches.

As of the yarn itself, I really liked it. Nice feel, great sock yarn.

Needles -- Knitpicks Harmony double-ended needles, US size 1, 2.25mm. I mainly knit with four needles in the sock, but as I worked the heel gussets, I used five needles (with a sixth as the extra one).

Color -- I really liked the Fire on the Mountain colorway, especially in the skein. As I knit it, I found it had much less red and much more pick than I had imagined. It was still nice, but it looked different knitted than as a yarn. Not a criticism; just an observation.