Works in Progress

I am currently working on:

  1. An afghan -- This was my first large project. I stopped it to work on scarves for Christmas. I look at it now -- about 2 feet long -- and see how my knitting has improved. I may move this to the frog pond; I'm not sure that I want to finish it because the many mistakes in the first two feet would bother me forever. Maybe I'll rip it out and start again.
  2. A scarf for me -- This one if from Vogue's Scarf book (small carry-along size book). It is a "basketweave" type scarf with squares of garter stitch and squares of stockingnette (spelling?). It is knit on the bias, so the edge is zig-zaggy. I'm doing it in a pretty blue alpaca from American Alpaca.
  3. The Brother's scarves -- As I mentioned before, each boy is getting a scarf. They are done in Farrow rib, which is knit knit purl knit knit purl each row. The result is a rib pattern with an intervening "column" of moss stitch. I like it!
  4. A square for felting -- I'm working on and off on a long swatch knitted from wool to try out felting.