Project done -- almost

I finished the Branching Out scarf. Well, almost. I have finished the knitting and need to block it yet. I'm looking forward to the blocking -- everything I read says that blocking really changes the look of lace. I'll post a pre-blocking picture from home.

I've started another felted purse. Mom has been in the hospital, and I wanted something mindless to do in her room. I'm using a navy blue Brown Sheep Lambs Pride, 10 1/2 needles (circular, 24 inch) and just knitting knitting knitting. Cast on 88, knit 56 rows. No stripes in this one.

I want to do the project from Pawley's Island pictured in the previous post, but I need to pick up needles first. My LYS is closed for vacation, and I can't find size 19 needles with sharp enough points to avoid frustration during the endless K2T.