Start on Shawl

I've started the Highland Triangle Shawl. I used a white "Word" screen to that the pattern could be sort of visible. It's too dark to take an outside picture. The color I'm using is darker that is looks here. At first, I was having trouble with the knit 2 togethers and the slip 2 together (as if to knit), knit 1, and pass the slipped stitches over -- difficult to manuveur. I think I've relaxed with the pattern, my tension is a little less stressed, and the stitches are easier to complete.

We've also started reading the new Harry Potter. DH reads outloud while the boys and I listen, so I started a simple HP scarf -- 1 x 1 ribbing in maroon and gold.
The color here is a little bright, too.

I picked up a ball winder at AC Moore -- 40% off coupon -- yippee. I told DH that he would have to continue to the the swifty husband, since the swift was $60.


Make your own swift for when the swifty hubby is the busy hubby. Use two kitchen/dining room chairs back to back. You can put them as close together as you need and the yarn will come off from the top fairly easily.


Tissues are required sometime after chapter 20. Just a warning!!