The Edgar Scarf

The new Knitty is out. I've placed a botton on the sidebar in case you want to go check it out. So far I've used Knitty patterns to make the Clapotis and Branching Out. This time I like a few patterns. I chose to do Edgar. It seemed like it would make nice and quick Christmas presents. I think that Ella would be an interesting pattern, but I don't think I would want to do it without a chart. What a complicated LOOKING pattern. I love the Samus sweater -- maybe someday. I also thought that the article about plying was very informative. Check that out!

So, with Edgar in mind, I bought some Noro Kureyon, color 159 at The Stitche Niche in Lexington. It is described as brick / green / purple / blue, and that is about right. I find the yarn to be a little rough, and sometimes unevenly spun, but it is fun to watch the color change as I knit with it. Here is one yarn review (I think I like it better than Allison does in this review -- I haven't noticed any smell to the yarn at all.) I bet I would like this yarn better if I were going to felt it -- I bet it would make a great felted fabric.

Oh, and I'm using my Brittany needles from Myrtle Beach. I like them for this pattern. The pattern reminds me of short row knitting, but it's not. The repeat is very simple and easily memorized. Great car knitting. Great lunch knitting. The scarf is a little narrow for my taste -- actually I like it, but I'm wondering if the intended recipient would like a scarf this narrow.

How about some more stitch markers. These are addictive. I'll never use all of these markers.


Your scarf looks good! My yarn didn't actually smell until I washed it, but it still drove me nuts and snapped several times while I was knitting. Looks fantastic though...


Your Edgar looks gorgous! If you gently wash it with fabric softener in the water once you're done, it'll soften the fabric right up.

What cast on method did you use for the increases? I just started Edgar and can't seem to figure it out.