Knit knit knit

No really interesting pictures to post. Everything just keeps getting bigger. I have three more rows on the inner boarder of the Highland Triangle Shawl. I think I'm going to like this one. Have you noticed that if you are working on more than one project, that it seems like FOREVER until you finish one? I've put aside the Mystery Shawl until I can finish the Highland Triangle -- time to focus. The Edgar scarf is my "knit at lunch" knitting and my "knit during my son's tennis game" knitting. Highland stays at home for TV knitting. She's getting awfully large to travel.

I'm working on a web page to parallel this blog. Two projects are already detailed on the web page -- clapotis and branching out. You can reach them from the sidebar. I really like finding information on projects on the web, so I thought I would add my 2 cents worth.

I've also applied to the Knitting Scientists Blog Ring. It looks interesting. I'm a Research Associate in a diabetes research lab. Sometimes I think knitting and scientific thought are different parts of the brain, but I like the dichotomy. Life at work is kind of busy right now -- we're putting together an NIH grant -- due October 1. I can't wait until October 2.

A year ago we were in Lisbon, Portugal for the International Congress on Endocrinology, so I thought I would share a photo to commemorate the trip. This is the Tower of Belem.


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