Snowshoe Retreat

We spent a weekend at Snowshoe Resort this month.  The Resort is closed during November (although they do rent rooms and keep the condo buildings open.  We planned meals and packed food.  We spent the weekend doing absolutely nothing, and aboslutely enjoying it.  I spent much time coloring.  The images below are of the common area in the condo building, showing my copics and the fireplace as we enjoyed the view and the room.  The second picture is of the card fronts I colored while we were there.

Simply Watercolor

I'm working my way through the Online Card Class called Simply Watercoloring.  Below are three of my animal pieces.  Fun to do - and it stretches my ability because none of the images are stamped.

Two Logos

My son graduated from Marshall University last May.  This August, he started at the University of Alabama.  He asked me to create a thank you card he could give to the professor at Marshall who recommended UA to him (and who went to graduate school at UA himself).  This is the beginning of it - hand drawn and watercolored logos from both schools.

Aurora Borealis Scarf

I'm still working on the Aurora Borealis Scarf.  I wouldn't mind finishing it and moving onto something else, but that would require that I pick it up and knit.