Finishing and Flowers

The purse is finished. It took less than a week to knit, and then I felted it. It was my first felting project. I was so surprised how easy it was. It felted into a purse shape (which sounds obvious, but I was surprised). Thanks to comments from Knitters Review, I purchased a Clover Wonder Knitter at AC Moore to make the I-cord for the handle. I thought it would be something that the boys would think was "cool." They did, and I liked how it worked. They cord felted just as easily as the purse. Thanks again to Knitters Review, I knew not to felt them together. What a great forum.


Pattern: Fibertrends pattern AC-9
Yarn: Miss Priss in Eleanor Roosevelt colorway; Schaefer Yarn Company. I used one skein and some left over.
Needles: Circular, Size 10 1/2
Handle: I-cord made with Clover
Wonder Knitter

I started now on a clapotis using the Shimmer yarn that I have pictured below. So far, I like it. The colors are falling well in the fabric. I using two strands together which had me a little worried. The fabric is very soft and airy; it should be nice in warmer weather. The purl front and back; knit front and back; and knit in back gave me a few fits, but I went to Knitting Help. As always, it was helpful. I started last night, and I am on the second repeat for the increasing section.

Thursday is my birthday. Steve (dh) sent me flowers at work today, and they are wonderful -- beautiful. But not nearly as wonderful as he is. He'll be out of town on Thursday, and I miss him.

Grant has started running track. Yesterday he found out that he is on the "B-team," which, apparently, is good. He's running in his first meet on Thursday -- hurdles.