Socks and Pictures

Socks. I've started knitting socks. So far I've finished the cuff and leg of one and am getting ready to start on the heal. I'm using a sock yarn from Elann called Sock it to me Collection Colori. I'm using the Northern Forest colorway. So far, so good -- needle size is US2, four needles plus an empty. The pattern is from Knit Socks by Betsy McCarthy. The book is shaped like a sock. The pattern is called "Classy Slip Up." Once I do the heal I'll post a picture.

Which reminds me, I have figured out how to post pictures. Fun. I've also added a link box to the side of the blog. The links I've added are for Knitter's Review, a great help for knitters -- reviews and a forum; the web page I maintain for work; and the web page for Knitting Help -- great resource with videos.