More projects on the Needles

I've finished one sock and have started on the other. The heel is almost done. What once was string is now a sock. Amazing.

We went to Lexington, KY this weekend and stopped at The Stitch Niche. Great store. I bought a pattern from Fiber Trends for a felted purse and yarn from Schaefer yarn Company called Miss Priss in the Eleanor Roosevelt colorway -- lots of blues, teals and greens. It looks like the ocean and so far the fabric look great.

My yarn arrived from Knit Picks. I ordered Shimmer in Stained Glass. This is 70% alpaca and 30% silk. I'm going to try to double it (it's laceweight) and knit a clapotis from it. I was reading a post on Knitters Review -- yarns to use for spring/summer versions of this popular scarf. Someone (Morgan) suggested shimmer. Here is her photo of her shimmer version: Morgan's clapotis. The yarn is so soft and beautiful. Love it.

I'll try to grab the camera tonight and post photos.


How many skeins of the shimmer do you think that it is going to take you?



I'm estimating that I will need three skeins. So far, I have finished six straight repeats, and have not used all of two skeins. I'm pulling yarn from two balls at a time. I've bought four, but really think that three will do it.