Bigger and Bigger Triangle

The Highland Triangle Shawl is finally appearing to increase in size. Have you ever worked on something for a LOOOOONNGGG time and not seen it increase in size? Finally, I looked at it today, and said, "It looks bigger!" If all my tinked rows had actually been knit rows, I would probably have been done by now. I'm habitually counting each row now to make sure it is right. This doesn't keep me from making mistakes, but at least I catch them pretty early.

The texture is kind of interesting, and here is a close-up:

I found a couple of interesting blog entries today:

  • This one in Mason Dixon Knitting from Kay, who says, "That's knitting; it's not for the stupid. It requires a constant, graceful kind of intelligence." I love that -- a constant, graceful kind of intelligence.
  • Here's an interesting essay from Naive Knitting about "Why we choose the projects that we do."